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» Management
01.2006 - 12.2009
Metallurgical Assaying
Harare Polytechnic Zimbabwe
A four year training program which comprised of two years of full time study and the other two of industrial attachment. Commenced in 2006 which was the National certificate level. Disciplines covered included Mathematics,Lab Management, Chemistry, Introduction to extractive Metallurgy and Fire Assaying. Industrial attachment served the purpose of applying the content learnt at college.The second phase of the program commenced in 2008 which prepared students for National Diploma level.The content also included Mathematics,Physical Chemistry, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry, Statistics, On - the job Training and a Research project . 2009 was the last year of industrial attachment before graduating, coming out the second best student in the graduation ceremony of 2010.
01.1999 - 11.1999
Studied Personnel Manangement
Institute of Personnel Management in Zimbabwe (IPMZ)
Studied a Diploma in Personnel Management in Zimbabwe through distance learning. Graduated with a second class diploma in the year 2000. Currently I am a member of the jobs grading committee at Aurex Holdings Pvt Ltd.
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More than 10 years
» Metallurgy, steel industry
Refining of gold on both commercial and small scales to meet international standards. Analysis of bullion using the fire assaying technique.Analysis of pregnant carbon and leach solutions from a leach plant are my assets.
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Place of residence : Harare
Fixed-term contract

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